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History of the site update activity.

13th January 2005
Announced the Paint Aid project
16th July 2004
I am now available to accept commissions for painting miniatures.
Please look to the "Commissions"  page for details.
11th July 2004.
Placed a Work in progress into the "Reverse Alchemy" page.
Added tip to Tips, Hints & Troubleshooting.
Added a couple of pictures into the Other Manufacturers gallery.
3rd July 2004
Completed the Faces article upload. Added Quotations to the Philosopy & Quotations page.
Created "News Archive" page. Added To Guest Gallery.
28th June 2004
Altered layout and format of Painting Pagoda page.
Created Philosophy & Quotations page
22nd June 2004
Corrected Email fault
Added additional questions and answers
16th June 2004
Updated with a new Question & Answer
12th June 2004
Altered appearance and background to all pages.
Added first of received Question and Answers.
6th June 2004
Added pages 4 - 8 of  the Faces article.
Page 9 still to come.

5th June 2004

Additional Images added to the Gallery and new "Articles" Page added with several pages of the Faces Article in situ. More still to come.
25 May 2004
Updated Links Page with Banners. Added Additional Gallery pages, added Question & Answer page, Activated email link
24 May 2004
Update to Gallery of Miniatures
23 May 2004
Update to Website including the Painting Pagoda Page
22 May 2004
  I won the Warhammer Fantasy Category at the local Games Workshop competition.
21 May 2004
 The Site has been published.

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