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Shows/Conventions are great.

It’s a chance to meet other people, shop, see new items, shop, demo games, shop and generally mooch around having fun. Oh and did I mention Shop.

Occasionally there are some other strange things like painting competitions going on a shows but we don’t pay much attention to them do we? (Yeah right)

Normally I go to as many of these I can get to, but in the North of England there aren’t as many as in America. Which is just as well for my bank balance.


On Sunday 25th July I attended the Ceasefire Show, which was right beside the Trafford Centre in the George C Carnell Sports Centre. As always my friend Paul and I attended and managed to hook up with another member from Coolminiornot (Greymane. Who’s not going to forgive me for influencing him to spend so much. Sorry.)

We managed to see a few friendly faces we know and made a couple more at the trade stands. Stupidly I didn’t pack the spare camera battery so I only managed to get a handful of photos before it gave up the ghost.  D’OH

So if you do find out about a show I’d seriously recommend going, they are always fun and 99.9% of the people there are friendly. There’s always one grumpy old beggar but I can’t always help being like that!

One of the displays on show at Ceasfire
The very friendly people from Figures In Comfort
Steve from SB Models

Shows that I know about are:

Ceasefire. Run buy the Mailed Fist Wargames Group. (Manchester) 

Fiasco (I & II ).  Run buy the Leeds Wargames Club.  (Leeds)

Fiasco I is held in the early part of the year and Fiasco II is in the latter part 

Border Reiver. Now I’m not sure who’s organising this but it is in the Telewest Arena, Newcastle. (Hey It’s my home town .)

Phalanx.  Which is sponsored by Lancashire Games. (St Helens)

Parade Ground 2004. 

Recon 2004. Organised by Wakefield and Osset Wargamers (Pudsey)


If you find out about any shows in the UK, please let me know.