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What is Reverse Alchemy?
It started as a joke referring to the Alchemists attempts to turn Lead into Gold.
Since I spend an inordinate amount of money on the hobby, I'm doing the reverse of the Alchemists dream turning Gold into Lead!
Well here's the first of the Work in Progress pics.
Recently a friend and I went to the "Fiasco" show organised by Leeds Wargames Club, where I spent a huge amount on Vallejo Paints. (Ah retail therapy!). One of the retailers had quite a selection of Warmachine and Confrontation miniature so you know what's coming next:-
I've been seeing this mini done by a few painters and was 'sort' of impressed by it. But also not entirely happy with the sculpt. So here's my take on:
Skarre, Pirate Queen

From the front shot it looks as if I've done very little, but I've removed the horns from her head. Greenstuff has been used to sculpt in the replacement hair.
Now on the rear shot you can see that  there has been some major surgery!
I removed the backpack, with a pair of clippers due to the size.
This did some serious damage to the cloak and shoulder armour. All the damage to the cloak was then sanded and ground down as best as possible with 400 and 800 Wet & Dry Emery paper wrapped around the tip of a fine file.
Our great and most useful friend Green Stuff, was then mixed up and rolled out flat on a tile, triangular sections were cut from it and carefully added to the damaged areas of the cloak. This was smoothed out and into the existing layers of the cloak using the GW Sculpting tool.
A very thin strip of green stuff was cut and then placed across the rear of the figure and shaped to repair the damage to the armour.
Once again small triangles of greenstuff were cut and placed on the head and over the armour. This was shaped to represent hair flowing down her back.
Just a quick side shot to let you see where the hair has ben repaired from the removal of the horns. I'm contemplating painting her up as a Drow, with classical White hair and Ebony dark skin, as she has a very sharp and sort of cruel look to her face.
One thing that has made me smile is the Stats card that comes with the figure. It states that she has a "Great Rack". Now I know that is an American euphemism, for................Well, you can work it out for yourselves.

And here is the final painted version
I called her "The Purple Orchid" and did a little section of Fiction to go with her when I posted her up on COOLMINIORNOT.


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