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Here are the links to a few companies or clubs I have come across.

Figures In Comfort are an 'up and coming' company who's carry cases are customisable to suit your requirements. On their website you'll find a price list and pictures of what they produce.
I have recently bought the "Mini Multi Storage System" with specific trays for my requirements for doing painting demonstrations. One 36 Infantry Figure tray, One Paint Pot tray (24 GW style paint pots & a brush slot) and One Double depth tray with 35 cutouts. This last tray will hold two Vallejo Paintbottles stood upright in each cutout. (70 paintpots - more than I'll need for a demo.) The front of the case has a pocket designed to easily hold rule books, etc. but for me it'll hold contact details, and a few other leaflets with ease.
Visit their site and see what they have on offer. I doubt that you'll be disappointed.
AINSTY are a producer of great resin cast scenic accessories aimed at the gamer or modeller. Their main scale is 28mm but everything will fit in great with Games Workshop Fantasy or Sci-Fi figures.Whether you want additional battlefield buildings or to see the dungeons you're leading your adventuring party around or even just to make that display base for your painted miniature, have a look.
They have a list of shows that they attend on their website and Mr & Mrs Brooks are nice friendly people to talk too. (Quite often they have their West Highland terriers with them as well.)
I recently learned of the loss to the modelling community of Mr Michael Brooks the founder of AINSTY. I am saddened that such a nice and genuine man has been taken away by CANCER. My Thoughts and condolences are passed to his wife.
Bolton International Plastic Modellers Society: As the name suggests this is the Bolton Branch of the International Plastic Modellers Society. Now this is not my normal area of the hobby but having got talking to one of the members, there are areas where our aspects of the hobby overlap. So I'll be popping along to a few of their meetings. Every 2nd Thursday of the month.
Follow the link and have a look.
Shesto tools are a supplier of tools suitable for the miniature modeller. Have a look.

Foundations of War

This is the site of a friend who produces Bases and Scenery...Tim Ryder

Yep I remembered to put something in here at last.