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 There are some things in life I enjoy more than others.
Books, Comic books and now Web Comics are part of that.


I have been a fan of The Batman for about 40 years, starting to read the comics in the 60’s. Yes, that was the age of the Pink Alien stories and the Adam West TV series. Although I dropped off reading them in favour of other novels I got drawn back to them due to a friend showing me a copy of Frank Millar’s “The Dark Knight Returns” and then buying myself a copy of “Killing Joke”. Since then I’ve been seriously hooked on the darker, grittier and hasher Batman.
I once read a description of him as a Role-playing character in Dragon magazine, being an Insane Paladin. It’s a description that does give depth to his dark brooding nature.


The recent movie “Batman Begins” gave me pause for thought as when I read that Christian Bale had been selected for the lead role. I didn’t think that he could carry off the role, I was wrong!

The scene where he interrogates the corrupt cop matched the image portrayed in the books. Christian Bale’s line “Do I look like a Cop!” was delivered exactly as it should have been, hard, threatening and scary.
The Second in the series "The Dark Knight" was equally as enjoyable with the late Heath Ledger carrying off the role of The Joker in superb style.



In recent years I have found another series of books, which have attracted me not just for their complex storylines but also for their excellent artwork.

These are William Tucci’s SHI series.

The character of SHI is radically differing to The Batman in one respect Anna Ishikawa does not hesitate to kill. The basic storyline is that Anna is a Half American Half Japanese woman who saw her father and brother murdered. The initial series “Way of the Warrior” depicts her search for revenge.



They were published by Crusade Comics but now it seems as if Dark Horse have picked up the publishing rites. If you haven’t read any then, have a look you might find them interesting.




Earlier this Year I found a couple of Web comics.

This first one is by a really funny author called Jennie Breeden.

The Title is "The Devils Panties" and no it's not Satanic Porn.

To get the best of the whole deal you might want to start at the beginning of the Archives Section.

The Devils Panties
NOT Satanic Porn

Girls with Slingshots.

Quirky and with touches of Mayhem.

Two Girls a Bar and A Talking Cactus.


Girls With Slingshots


This is another web comic that you need to start at the beginning of the Archives section and work your way forward. There's a reason, there is a story arc, which develops and trying to jump inpart way through doesn't quite work. The story line is quite "Dark" but still has enough humour to make the whole thing addictive.

Wapsi Square

There are several other Graphic Novels In my Favourites list:
Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman
The Sandman Series also By Neil Gaiman
The Firefly books by Joss Wheadon


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