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Press Release by Nathan Caroland:
(CMON: Frustrated Father)
The Quake and Tsunami disaster in Asia on December 26th, 2004 has been a devastating blow to many countries, communities, families and individuals with an overwhelming loss of life and property as well as livelihoods.

Fifty six countries have had citizens affected by this tragic event, and many governments, businesses and individuals are making heartfelt donations to the victims in hope of easing their suffering and speeding along the recovery process. Whether these donations are monetary, material or hands on, the response world wide has been overwhelming but sadly, more is needed.


With this in mind, a group of like minded individuals from the Cool Mini Or Not (here after referred to as CMON) community of miniature artists, sculptors and painters have banded together in an effort to raise additional monies for the victims, many of which who have already donated generously to the relief effort.


Miniature painting is a highly artistic and expressive art that has developed from miniature war games played throughout the world that deals primarily with engagement and tactics. From this game the art of miniature painting has taken leaps and bounds into the artistic realm and its entertainment and popularity has grown in recent years with world wide conventions.


To that end, ‘Paint Aid’ was established to build, modify and paint a complete army from the popular game company Games Workshop for their fantasy battle line, Warhammer. This game enjoys great popularity and the ever growing convention, Games Day, has expanded yearly the world over with games and painting competitions. The competition has grown more fierce as the years have progressed and miniature painting has surged into new realms and now many vie for the coveted Golden Daemon and Slayer Sword awards which only the top artists are awarded. Several winners of this prestigious award have joined the ‘CMON Paint Aid’ to offer up their time and talents.


When the army is painted in its entirety and assembled in one location, it will be auctioned on Ebay through the Mission Fish Nonprofit Organization and one hundred percent of the proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross.


On behalf of the CMON Paint Aid, please join us as our thoughts and our efforts are directed to helping the victims of this devastating disaster.
Nathan's text summed up the strength of feeling over this disaster, and how the painting community acted together to assist not ust with direct cash, which we all did but as a concerted effort to produce something which could raise greater funding collectivly than we could as Individuals.