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The Purple Orchid Series.
The Purple Orchids"
I conceived the idea for these assassins when I was painting the first one.
Purple is a difficult colour to try to match and highlight so it was an exercise in patience.
However the concept of a league of assasins who use Purple Clothing as a trademark strikes me as acceptable for a Fantasy setting.
Since the first figure has been painted I've done a second and have others in the pipeline.

The Purple Orchid
The Fisrt Purple Orchid
The Purple Orchid? She’s as true as any myth and as real as any legend. There are tales about her from Cold Lasvannger all the way to the Harashy ports. They say she’s the coldest, hardest assassin ever to draw blade or slip poison. Once her price is paid, her mark should get himself measured for his shroud.
Himself lad? Aye, she never takes a female mark or harms a child. No one knows why. But there’s only been one woman's death ever blamed on her, and that was through a broken heart.
What’s she like you ask? Heh, well no one rightly knows whether she’s one woman or many. A band of female assassins who work together. Scares you, right?
See, she could be that travelling lady over there, or the sell-sword by the fire or even the serving wench you’ve been eyeing up half the night. There’s never been a one who’s seen her face, known her and lived to tell.
Is she real? Aye laddie she’s real enough, leaves a scrap of paper on her victims, with her mark, A Purple Orchid, drawn on it.
Why purple? Mayhap she favours the colour. I do not know and I care not to speculate. My throat’s too dry with this talking. It’s your turn to buy….”

The Second Purple Orchid

"She paused, her weight balanced on her toes. The sharp sound, which had grabbed her attention, faded away to be replaced by the softer sounds of the music from the great hall.
Gradually she concentrated on the memory of the sound, matching the noise against her memories and experience.
A Mouse, no. A Rat, again no, the sound had been too metallic.
Man made then! A sentry’s staff arm clicking against the granite steps. She recalled the guardsmen on parade as she had entered the great building, each carried a three quarter staff shod and capped with Brass. They had paid little attention to her, clothed and bewigged as yet another courtesan. A paid entertainer for one of the privileged guests, a disguise that had allowed her easy access to the bedchambers. There she had easily shed the disguise for her more practical purple leathers, the traditional colour of her league.
Then the hunt for her target had begun, tonight in this much-lauded bastion, another contract would be fulfilled and yet another rumour would be added to the myth of the Purple Orchids."

To Be Continued..........

To Be Continued.........................

I'll be adding to this section on an "as and when" basis, but watch out for some fiction as well.

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